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March 23, 2018


March 23, 2018

Location: de Grandpré Communications Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, 3801 University St.



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9:00 amWelcomeProf. Kaleem Siddiqi (Director of CREATE-MIA, McGill)

Machine learning for prediction and decision making in medical applications

Keynote:  Prof. Doina Precup, School of Computer Science, McGill University
10:55 Panel discussion on the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on the medical imaging industry Panelists: Dr. Alexandre Le Bouthillier (Co-founder & COO, Imagia), Dr. Douglas Arnold (President, NeuroRx), Mr. Mathieu Coursolle (Manager, R&D, Rogue Research), Mr. Jean-René Bélanger (CEO, Imeka), Dr. Mathias Friedrich (Chief, Cardiovascular Imaging, MUHC), Dr. Clement Forest (Technical Specialist, CAE Healthcare); Moderator: Prof. Louis Collins (CREATE-MIA, McGill)
11:40 A heartfelt thanks Prof. Cathy Laporte (CREATE-MIA, ÉTS), Prof. Amir Shmuel (CREATE-MIA, McGill)
12:00pm LUNCH
12:45 Poster Competition Judges: Mr. Francis Quintal Lauzon (CTO, Clemex Technologies), Mr. Nicolas Piché (Co-founder & CSO, ORS), Mr. Norman Marcotte (Director, Science Promotion and Operations, Research Grants and Scholarships Directorate, NSERC), Prof. Bruce Pike (University of Calgary)
1:45 Historical overview of CREATE-MIA Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi (Director of CREATE-MIA, McGill)
2:00 On the Importance of University/Industry Partnerships in the context of the CREATE

Prof. Martha Crago (Vice Principal, Research and Innovation, McGill)

Dr. Benoit Gallix (Chair, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, MUHC)

Mr. Norman Marcotte (Director, Science Promotion and Operations, Research Grants and Scholarships Directorate, NSERC)

Mr. Rui Lopes (Director of Business Marketing, Elekta)   

Mr. Kelvin Mok (Student representative, CREATE-MIA Program Committee; CREATE-MIA Trainee, McGill) 

Prof. Suzanne Fortier (Principal, McGill)

3:00 CREATE-MIA Successes Prof. Tal Arbel (CREATE-MIA, McGill), Mr. Maor Zaltzhendler, Mr. Damien Goblot, Ms. Tanya Nair, Dr. Pascal Kropf, Ms. Azar Zandifar,  Ms. Mahsa Dadar
3:30 Closing remarks Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi (Director of CREATE-MIA, McGill)
3:45 Wine & Cheese Reception

Poster Directory

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Amir Kadivar

Helicoidal Organization of Cardiac Myocytes


Anh-Thu Gloria Hang-Vo

Segmenting and tracking lips with active contour to help with speech therapy


Arnaud Brignol

Automatic extraction of vertebral landmarks from ultrasound images

4 Babak Samari

Modeling Moving Heart Wall Fibers Using Cartan Frames

5 Elham Karimi

Fully-automated Tongue Detection in Ultrasound Images

6 Fadi Ayad Neurophysiological mechanisms of spontaneous fluctuations in blood-oxygenation functional MRI signals and functional connectivity at rest
7 Francois Rheault

Bundle-specific tractography using voxel-wise orientation priors

8 Jasmeen Sidhu

Exploring the Great Unknown: Mapping White Matter Connectivity of the Motor Strip

9 Kelvin Mok

Comparing MRI-based Cortical Parcellation to Validated Neuroanatomical Atlases

10 Morteza Rezanejad

3D Medial Representations for Shape Analysis

11 Nassim Guerroumi

Weakly supervised learning for intervertebral disk segmentation in MRI

12 Ozan Ciga

Liver tumor segmentation

13 Pulkit Khandelwal

Vertebrae Segmentation in Human Spine CT Images

14 Roland Pilgram

Rodent Image Fusion Workbench: multimodal atlas-based region- and lamina-specific linkage between histo-chemistry and MRI in 3D

15 Russell Butler

Spurious Neurovascular Coupling Due to In-Scanner Head Motion

16 Sethu Boopathy Jegathambal

MRI-based brain-specific 3D-printed model aligned to stereotactic space for registering histology to MRI

17 Shreyank Gupta

Effect of impedance mismatch as a function of frequency in transcranial ultrasound

18 Tabish Syed

Paths in the Brain

19 Victor Mocanu

Laminar-specific activity and interactions between cortical layers