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Possible projects

What follows is a sampling of the types of projects which are of interest to CREATE-MIA's industrial partners and which could form the basis for an internship.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time.


  • Multi-modal image registration
  • 2D-3D-4D segmentation
  • Interactive real-time fiber tracking

NeuroRx Research

  • automatic detection of bad registration between two scans;
  • robust intensity normalization;
  • robust tissue classification/segmentation;
  • automatic detection of magnetic distortion;
  • automatic detection of motion artifacts, especially ringing and aliasing;
  • automatic detection of interpacket motion artifacts;
  • automatic detection of contrast (e.g. t1p, t2w, pdw)
  • intracranial cavity segmentation.


  • Registration mesh to mesh
  • Deviation mesh to mesh
  • Bone removal in CT (torso, leg and head)
  • Table-gantry removal in CT
  • Coding of the fast sweeping algorithm (mesh and volumetric)
  • 2D variational interpolation to do m to n contour interpolation (contour living on plane with the same normal vector)
  • Entropy minimization base shading correction for FIB imaging
  • Open porous material chambers segmentation (FIB and Micro CT)
  • Grain segmentation (FIB and Micro CT)

Synaptive Medical

  • diffusion MRI
  • fibre mapping and tractography
  • registration and visualization methods
  • tissue segmentation/differentiation
  • navigation system accuracy
  • MRI distortion correction

True Positive Medical Devices

  • unit testing for the Montreal Neurological Institute's MINC software suite
  • unit testing for our product suite: VolMETRIX, VasoMETRIX, AlzMETRIX, and MCIMETRIX
  • sensitivity analysis for individual processing steps
  • image processing database interface building
  • automated input/output data quality control tools (implementation + testing)